Week 12 Story: When the World Changes

Author’s Notes: Read First –

This story is based on the God Narayan. In short, Narayan is the God Vishnu when he is asleep. The world is nothing when Vishnu closes his eyes, as then there is no observer of the world. Yet when Narayan awakes from his slumber, the world comes into existence again. The source video that is story is sourced from can be found below. I really like the idea of a new world coming into existence each time Narayan opened his eyes. I wanted to put a twist on this by making the world change slightly each time as I imagine it is hard to remember every detail to perfection.

When the World Changes

Day 0:

Do you ever get the feeling that something is off? Or have the feeling that you are being watched? That tingling sensation on the back of your neck, but only when you turn around nothing is there. Yeah, well, that has been happening to me a lot lately. I am scared, and I am ready to put an end to this.

Day 1:

Yesterday I went to Best Buy and went all out. Security cameras with night vision lenses, motion sensors, infrared camera, high quality recorders, and the whole shebang. All and all it set me back a total of $3000, but I just know it will be worth it. I did not manage to get it all set up until now, so this is day 1, hour 0. I have a camera in each room, with the infrared cameras in the living room and bedroom. I am chronicling my experience on this recorder. My name is Scott Johnson. Let us see how tonight goes.

Here is what I look like in the thermal cameras:

Image result for thermal camera

Day 2: 8:00am

Scotty here again, I just finished reviewing the footage, and there is definitely something strange going on. At 2am, both infrared cameras detected freezing temperatures; I am talking -4ºF. Then everything went dark, every camera, every audio recorder… They all stopped. I am taking them back to Best Buy today to get replacements. I hope that they hold out through tonight and I can figure out what is going on.

Day 2: 10:08pm

I have been up all day; I am tired and I have to sleep. I went and got the replacement cameras after work. The technician at the store had never seen anything like it and had no idea why they broke. They are installed and running fine now. I hope I can get some sleep.

Day 3: 3:14am

*whispering* I just heard a noise in the living room. I am alone in this house, and I am scared to leave my bed.

Day 3: 4:00am

I have not heard another noise since the first one, I think I am going to try to get some sleep and look at the footage in the morning.

Day 3: 8:25am

So I went into the living room this morning to find what made the noise last night. This is what I found, and I am completely lost for words. The box of cameras from Best Buy was in the middle of the floor…unopened. I know I set them up yesterday, it took me hours…but I cannot find any recordings from last night. None of the tests I did, nothing. Did I really just dream about setting them up?

Day 3: 7:00pm

All right, just to prove to you and to myself here are the cameras, installed and running. The one in the living room here and the one in my room here. Scott Johnson signing off for the night.

Day 4: 8:07am

Sam Burris here again. Today is November 1st. It seems the infrared cameras detected the cold temperatures again last night, 2am exactly. However, they came back online again at 2:02am, but I cannot see any differences in the house. I am not sure what to think about this. I still feel like there is someone here but I can never see anything happen.

Day 5: 7:48am

James here again. Today is January 10th. It is the same story as last night; the cameras were frozen over at 2am, and they came back at 2:02am. Maybe it is just a bug with the hardware. No noticeable changes, other than my dog setting off the motion sensors in the middle of the night.

Day 6: 10:21am

Hey guys, it is Robert here. Something different happened with the infrared cameras last night. Rather than detecting the cold air, they showed a reading of 200ºF. I know it is hot outside because it is July, but I have no idea how why they are doing this. I should probably replace them again… As a side note my cat, Jasmine, found the camera in the kitchen and knocked it down. She is such a troublemaker, but I love her.

… And so on.

Author’s Notes: Read after story:

This story might have been hard to follow. The concept I was going for was a supernatural horror story. The main source of the super natural changes were the God Narayan sleeping each night. Him closing and reopening his eyes started and stopped the world. This Narayana was imperfect and objects in the world were not preserved. The main character’s name and identity changed several times. He got a dog that changed into a cat. It went from November to July in a matter of three days. He was not able to observe these changes though because they were part of the new world Narayan formed.



  1. This gave me chills! I too watched the same 7 Secrets video, and this is a fantastic and creepy story that I would never have considered. Subtle changes and fear of sleeping brings a great "You're not paranoid if they're really out to get you" vibe. The use of a journal also heightens the suspense, and lets you see the changes that he doesn't even realize are occurring. Spooky and creative!

  2. Hello, nice to meet you Logan!
    I just finished up reading your week 12 story "When the World Changes", I must say this was the most fascinating stories I have come across so far in the semester. I love everything supernatural and I especially love thriller supernaturals that keep you on your toes. This reminded me of a reddit post I saw you should check it out https://www.reddit.com/r/creepy/comments/4xznfz/got_a_notification_from_my_smart_home_app_in_the/

  3. Hey there Logan! I really liked this story. You did a great job of getting that suspenseful feeling that a lot the best thillers have. The journal format you used was really interesting, and was the perfect way to set up this story for the feeling you were going for. The image you found was also super creepy and worked perfectly for the story.

  4. Hey again Logan! I just finished looking over your week 12 story, “When the World Changes” on your website. I can really tell how much time and effort you put into this story. You really took the reader into account when you were writing and especially when you put the author’s note first. I think it is a very important thing to do to take the reader into account.

  5. Hey, Logan, very well done with this story. Its immersive and really pulls the reader into the story. I also really liked that you structured it in journal entries and put your author's note at the beginning. The structure gives it an eerie suspenseful vibe. It was fun to read and the picture you chose is really creepy and fits the story well.

  6. I really liked this take on this deity! I also watched this video and thought of Narayan as an observer in quantum mechanics: When he is not looking the universe doesn't exist and when he is it chooses a state to be in. I think this story flows well with this idea as it is constantly changing. Great job on setting up the tone as well, it was very suspenseful.


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